A poem by Pilton Resident Annie Featherstone

A Designated Site of Scientific Interest... The Bradiford Valley
Have the developers gone completely crazy?
Will an ecological murder be written in the script
NO, we will save our beloved Manning's Pit!

Horseshoe bats , midges, and worms that glow,
Larvae, dragon flies and meadow blues,
Bumbles bees, tawny owls , marbled whites,
Are they really to be buried in a concrete site?

Song birds will mourn, their demise, and their passing,
The destruction of habitats, from their generations lasting,
Swallows not feeding, nesting, and breeding,
From far away lands.  lost on their returning.

Why build, destroy, and cover in concrete ?
Where our children play, and put their feet?

The Green Man mourns. THE GREEN MAN weeps
At the spoils, the destruction, the waste, the heaps!
Where once there was meadows, Oaks , Spindle and Ash
Is it right that it's flattened, destroyed, all for cash?

For greedy pockets to turn land to man's gold?
So all that is left are the stories of old?
Please don't build on that land rich and sacred,
So full of life that nature intended.

Why build, and destroy, and immerse in concrete?
Where the people go for their souls to complete.