Manning's Pit

Past and Present and... Future?

When I think of Manning's Pit

There's one thing I must say

It takes me back to childhood

Where mates and I would play

With Manning's Pit and Tutshill Woods

And paddling in the stream

Is what we all enjoyed so much

And any childhood dream

Areas like this today

Are getting less and less

Buildings pop up everywhere

Not always for the best

So, to find a place like this I fear

Would not be close to home

To fly a kite or walk the dog

Or take a casual roam

Planning teams and builders

Are running out of space

So please, for all who use it

Don't spoil this well loved space.

Brian Norman

April 27 2018

I am sure that many of my generation and current ones,
are enjoying this area and hoping that future generations
will do so for many years to come.