Fund Raising

Since Summix withdrew their planning application, we have had to wait to learn what their next move will be. The fact that Manning's Pit has been listed as an Asset of Community Development and the Local Plan has been adopted with Manning's Pit outside the development boundary gives the land greater protection from development than it had when it was sold in 2015. 

It is probably safe now for the next five years, but it is still owned by a company whose purpose is to gain planning approval, so its long term future remains under threat.  We hope that the land owners will realise that the people of Pilton and Bradiford are never going to go away and that our resolution to carry on fighting to make Manning's Pit safe for future generations remains steadfast.

If at any time they approach us prepared to sell the land to the community, we will of course go into full fund raising mode, but for now we are not asking for large donations. 

Small donations will of course be accepted with gratitude, to help cover running costs, because our campaign will remain active, with many interesting events planned already.
We will still have many expenses, and our committee cannot always find the money to cover them all.  Following on from the Poetry Competition we have other events planned - more news about them will appear on the website, Blog and Facebook.

Details of how to donate are below, if anyone wishes to help us with future expenses.

How to donate:

By bank transfer:
To the Friends of Manning's Pit Community Bank Account:
Sort Code:   20-04-59
Bank Account Number:  73964035

By cheque to:
The Treasurer

Friends of Manning's Pit
85A Pilton Street
North Devon
EX31 1PQ.

Please make all cheques out to "Friends of Manning's Pit".

 By cash, for details of how to do this, please email us at the address on the line below


The Friends of Manning's Pit are the group set up by Pilton and Bradiford people to save this special place.

Please note all donations received are accepted on the basis that in the event funds are not fully expended on fighting development, or in attempting to purchase the site, then any money left over will be donated to local charities in Pilton and area , as it would be impractical to return funds to donors.