A very important message to all supporters

Some of you may have noticed that barbed wire has again been placed adjacent to the gate at the Shearford Lane end of Manning's Pit. The gate may also by now have been replaced on its hinges and relocked with a padlock.

This work is being done by the farmer who owns the land, and grazes his cattle, on the fields on the other side of the stream from Manning's Pit.

We have spoken to him and fully sympathise with his need to keep his cattle out of Manning's Pit. Whether we like it or not Manning's Pit is now owned by Summix the speculators, whose attempt to acquire planning permission for a housing development, we are opposing.

The land is not owned by the farmer and he has a legal obligation to maintain the boundaries and stop his cattle "trespassing" on Manning's Pit.

We realise that that having a locked gate is inconvenient for walkers, especially those with dogs, but we have to be realistic here. The farmer concerned has no issue with walkers and dog walkers crossing HIS land but he has no control over Manning's Pit. Anyone who cuts the wire or the padlock chains or indeed removes the gate from its hinges is damaging our cause and we do not support their actions in any way.

If the gate and fences continue to be opened then the farmer has indicated that he will have no alternative other than to build a "permanent" barrier.

So please, if you are tempted to cut the padlock chain or the barbed wire, desist. And if you know who is doing this please advise them that they are not striking a blow FOR Manning's Pit they are striking a blow AGAINST it.