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Museum Exhibition

Our Exhibition at the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon in April and May 2017was about the history and cultural connections of Manning's Pit.

We do not know exactly when the field became known as Manning's Pit. When the Pilton Estate was sold in 1849, the field we now know as Manning's Pit was a part of a larger field, or collection of fields, called Northfields, but by the beginning of the twentieth century, if not well before, it was called Manning's Pit by locals.

We will be providing more information links and a Timeline shortly, but here below are two links to begin with:

Our first link is to the interesting and famous people who have connections with Manning's Pit, including Benjamin Manning himself, plus famous artists and writers.

Our second link is to reports and information about the events that took place at the February 1880 By-Election, at which members of the Munro, Hibbert and Manning family were almost certainly all present at the same time.

The Golden Lion Inn
The Golden Lion
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History is an ongoing process, so if anyone can contribute more information we hope they will contact us.