Letter from Trevor Beer, MBE, to the North Devon Journal, December 2015

Bid for SSSI at Mannings

It is good to note that Residents at Pilton area are against the destruction of Manning's Pit by housing or any other development.

I have been trying for a few years to have Manning's Pit and the adjoining fields up to and including Shearford Lane brought into the Bradiford Valley and Tutshill Woods Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as the area is so vitally important for wildlife, including several rarities.

Bringing the above mentioned land into the SSSI would help maintain the wildlife species, maintaining a buffer zone which is vital for the nature conservation interest and the public need for such sites.

North Devon Council, Barnstaple Town Council and Pilton West Parish Council are well aware of the important wildlife situation in the area so would surely oppose any development or other despoliation of the site.

I remain hopeful that my attempts to have the SSSI extended to include Manning's Pit and Shearford Lane will succeed.

Trevor Beer, MBE, Barnstaple