The Manning's Banner goes on its Travels - spreading the message wherever it goes

Outside Tate Modern

Trafalgar Square

On May  10 our banner was taken up to London by a supporter and during the week it went on a trip around several important locations.

Top left is the banner in front of the Houses of Parliament. top right is outside Tate Modern and on the left is the banner at Trafalgar Square.

At Tate Modern the banner was held by a party of Belgian students for us  - they were interested n our cause and said they would look at our website and Facebook Page. The same goes for the French students and English girls who posed at Trafalgar Square. The photograph near the Houses of Parliament was kindly taken for us by an American traveler.

In April our banner first went on its travels when a group of Manning's Pit supporters took it down with them to the Exmouth versus Barnstaple Rugby Match, held at Exmouth.

Higher resolution images of these photographs can usually  be sent to anyone who would like one.
Our banner at the Rugby Ground, Exmouth.