Photos from the Rally and March on December 19th

The best photographs of the March were taken by the North Devon Journal, as the group members with cameras were mostly too busy marshaling the March to take many photographs.

The crowd listening to Brian Greenslade
The assembled crowd here are listening to
Brian Greenslade, who is one of the
 two Councillors for Pilton. 
We haven't yet had a demonstration on a
 nice day, but it hasn't deterred our supporters.

Crowd gathered before Heritage Centre

Another view from the back of the crowd.
It is often said that most protests are composed
of retired people, this has never been the case
with our demonstrations, people of all ages are represented.

Crowd listening to Brian Greenslade

Here Brian Greenslade is reading out the Safety Instructions before we set off on the March.
On his left is Steve Crowther (Chariman of UKIP)  
and on his right is Sir Nick Harvey, our
 former Liberal Democrat MP.
Ricky Knight (Green Party) was just about
 to arrive.

entering Cross Street

It was difficult to photograph the March while
participating in it at the same time, but this
was near the end, at the entrance to Cross
Street...the bulk  of the Marchers were
behind and out of sight. 

Drummmer in Cross Street

Here you can see our drummer, who was
near the front of the March.
You can also see Pilton Councillor
Mair Manuel walking a little behind.

After the March

Many people had to leave straight after
 the finish, but a number stayed and decided to
 gather over beyond the Mosaic.
 You can see Ricky Knight over on the right in an appropriately coloured Green jacket.

After the March

Another view of the gathering. Quite
 a few people brought their dogs as well -
all of whom were very well behaved.

after the March

Pilton Councillor Brian Greenslade, after the

Councillor Brian Greenslade
 after the March.
We are very grateful to all the local
 politicians who came to support us,
 and they all said they were impressed
by the size of our demonstration.