About Manning's Pit

Manning's Pit is a magical piece of countryside on the edge of Pilton and Barnstaple. It is a much loved secluded valley, forming part of the North Devon Downs, and has numerous historical and cultural links.

Manning's Pit is not only beautiful but rich in wildlife. Otters and Kingfishers are found along its river banks, Salmon have come up river to spawn in autumn, Hazel Dormice hide in its hedgerows, and Horseshoe Bats swoop across its downland slopes at night.

Finally and most importantly, it may be a small area but it is at the heart of the local community, loved by young and old alike.

Our Aims

These were the aims on our website during our fund raising campaign:

We want to purchase Manning's Pit for the benefit of the wildlife and the local people, including Pilton and Bradiford residents and the wider community of all those who love the Manning's Pit fields.

We want to keep Manning's Pit as it is - a part of our rural heritage - combining public access with protection for the landscape and the wildlife.

Now that Manning's Pit has been purchased, these aims will be at the forefront of any action taken going forward.