Yeo Dale Hotel

Pilton and Barnstaple people show how they feel about the threat to Manning's Pit.

Posters and signs are appearing in all parts of Pilton, Bradiford and some parts of Barnstaple, too, in streets like Pilton Street, Abbey Road, Fairview Road, Higher Raleigh Road, and so on. They are appearing in Granville Avenue, St. George's Terrace and other parts of Barnstaple too, and the latest business in town to show one is Fat Belly Fred's Sea Food restaurant in Maiden Street.  You don't have to live close to Manning's Pit to care about it.  And as you can see (above) the Yeo Dale Hotel at the bottom of Pilton Street have really done us proud! . We may not spot them all, so if you want your window poster or sign added to this assembly, just send us a photograph.
Please scroll right down to the bottom - there are some lovely signs all the way down.

Window in Pilton Street
Window, Pilton Street

Window, Bellaire
Pilton Street
Window, Pilton Street
Pilton Street
Window, Pilton Street - this is the house where Benjamin Manning and his family lived in the 1850's

Wall at top of Under Minnow Road,
              junction with Bellaire
Closer view of banner
The top of Under Minnow Road, where there is a junction between Bellaire, Bradiford Hill and Chaddiford Lane, has become a magnificent sight.
Top of Under Minnow Road Gate facing the Longstone, Bellaire
This gate on Bellaire faces the Longstone, as does the gate to the left, and the big banner above.

As with the big banner, the sign here (left) that is high on the wall took some courage to put up, on a very cold and windy day. We have some brave people fighting to save Manning's Pit.
Top of Bradiford Hill
This very big sign is just beyond the one on the railings, to the right, and is at the top of Bradiford Hill.
You really can't miss the message if you stand by the Longstone. Whichever way you look you see signs.

Top of Bradiford Hill, junction
              with Under Minnow Road
North Road
This window poster is upstairs in a house facing up the A39 on the hill towards North Devon Hospital, just past the fire station (see photo on left too).  It is very visible to anyone driving down the hill, and there is also a poster in the side window that is visible to anyone driving up


Sign on A361
The A39 may be busy, as is Fairview, but the busiest road in North Devon is the A361 from Barnstaple to Braunton. 

We are especially grateful to the person who allowed us to put this sign in such a prominent place, and we hope that all the people stuck in traffic at the rush hour will have plenty of time to read this message here.

We have some hardboard spare so if anyone seeing this would like to make something similar - or have one made for them, if they are not able to do it, just let us know by emailing us.

Corner of Manning's Way
The photograph doesn't do it justice, this (above) is one of the biggest and most striking signs of all. From a distance it looks like a road sign - how soon will it be before someone addresses a letter to "Save Manning's Pit"? Manning's Way is a very short road, now dominated at either end by the sign above and to the right..

Facing the end of Manning's Way
Piton Street window
Back to Pilton Street again.
Pilton Street
You can't walk up Pilton Street either without getting the message that Pilton people want to save Manning's Pit - and as with Under Minnow Road and Bellaire this is nothing like a Nimby protest as Manning's Pit is a good walk away, and out of sight from here.

The Rock
These two banners are both on The Rock, but on opposite sides of the road'
The Rock
The above board and the poster on the left were both seen at Littabourne, which is just beyond The Rock, which leads off up from Pilton Street.
Poster on gate, Littabourne
Pilton Street
Posters in two separate houses, Pilton Street

Sign outside house in Bellaire
Sign outside house, Bellaire

Lynbro Road
Signs made by children, Lynbro Road
Porch, Windsor Road
Porch door, Windsor Road

Sign on garage wall, Windsor Road, close to
                Maning's Pit
Sign on wall, close to Windsor Road gate to Manning's Pit
Window poster made by little girl aged four
Window poster made by little girl aged four, Windsor Road
Unusual window decoration,
Two window posters/decorations on Bradiford Hill. the one above must have taken a great deal of care to produce.
Bradiford Hill

Higher Raleigh Road, two posters in
              upstairs window
Two posters in upstairs window in house off Higher Raleigh Road, seen from a distance.
Youing's dirve, poster in window
Someone painted this poster and put it in their window, in Youing's Drive
Pilton Street bunting
Pilton Street Bunting - another lovely idea
Pilton Street window
More Pilton Street bunting
Abbey Road window
Abbey Road, yet another street that is coming out with signs. The link gives a view of Abbey Road - no one could say that Abbey Road residents were complaining about losing their view as they can't see Manning's Pit from where they live. Just this short row of houses has 13 different house with window posters at the latest count.
Pilton Parish Hall
Pilton Parish Hall, signs on railings say "Save Manning's Pit" and "We Love Manning's Pit". 
As with Abbey Road, no one in Pilton Street can see Manning's Pit, they have to walk right to the edge of Pilton to reach it. We haven't counted the number of posters lately but there are a lot of them!
Windsor Road, railings
Windsor Road, banner on railings above field, near Windsor Road.
No location as yet
Priory Gardens, close to Nursery End
Board on path
A board, on the path from Lynbro Road to Manning's Pit
Front of vehicle, Bellaire
Front window of parked vehicle, Bellaire

Location not yet known
This beautiful poster is in Bull Hill, where the road bends between the top of Pilton Street and the start of Under Minnow Road.

Sign on gate, Bull Hill
This sign is on a large gate, close to the cottages
showing the window poster on the left.

Window, Windsor Road
Window poster, Windsor Road - notice the bat!
Windsor Raod window
Another Windsor Road window poster, down at the Bradiford end of the road.

Obviously, Windsor and Lynbro Roads, being closest to the fields, are very much against this proposal, and most windows have some form of poster on them, but yet again this is not in almost all cases a campaign about house values but about the future for the whole community.
Windsor Road, typical window
Windsor Road window
Windsor Raod, typical window
Windsor Road window

Northfield Lane window
Some children in Northfield Lane embellished this printed poster
Chaddiford lane
Sign on fence, Chaddiford lane
Pilton Street
Pilton Street poster, by two children aged 8 and 3.
Bradiford, window
Littabourne poster
Seen at Littabourne - this is a very striking sign.

Beech Grove
This is another very beautiful sign, in Beech Grove. The effort that people have put in to their posters and signs has been quite amazing - and it has all come quite spontaneously, there has been no competition, no prize offered, people simply using their creativity to express how much Manning's Pit means to them.
Bellaire House
This is on Bellaire , in a house hidden behind a wall. What a treat it was to see this poster enhancing the wisteria.
This is the gate in the wall of the same house, to the left, in Bellaire.
Church lane
This sign, as big as a banner, is in Church Lane, and  the owners of this house have already put up a very colourful sign where their house fronts the road at Bellaire (as well as featuring on Facebook in a very special T shirt!)

The sign on the left is closer to the bottom of Church Lane, and has just popped up recently. Every day we go out we see new and more colourful or interesting signs.
Church Lane
Chaddiford lane window poster
Chaddiford Lane, which leads onto the A361 to Braunton, has been somewhat slow getting into the window poster act, but they are now beginning to pop up there too.
Board on railings, Chaddiford Lane
This sign was on the railings at the end of the road, near to the A361.  We love the cheerfulness of it - another feature of the signs going up that we are especially proud of is their positive nature.

Fairview is one of the busiest roads in Pilton, close to Barnstaple centre, and used by traffic going from Pilton to the A361 Braunton Road.  The link shows the road, at a quiet moment.

A sign on a gate, right, also on Fairview - this one is fun.
Fairview front gate
Ella made this poster herself

Poster by George aged 7, Youing's
Lovely and clever poster by George, aged 7, in Youing's Drive, above
Ella's mother sent us the photograph on the left.  She said: "All her own idea and Ella coloured it in all by herself too! We're in Granville Avenue"  For those who don't know, Granville Avenue is in Barnstaple, not Pilton, but already has two posters..
Children in St.George's terrace, Barnstaple, with their poster,before it went in their window
Maer Top Close
Matthew in Maer Top Close made this poster - I didn't realise he was watching m when I took this photo!