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Museum Exhibition

In April and May of 2017 we held an Exhibition called The Life and Times of Manning's Pit at the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon,  focusing on the historical and cultural connections of Manning's Pit.

This page summarises the contents of the Exhibition

What is Manning'sPit? Where is it? And why is it called Manning's Pit?

Victorian connections to Manning's Pit

Frederick Richard Lee R A
F R Lee. RA, famous landscape artist
and round the world yachtsman
  with links to J M W Turner, Sir Edwin Landseer and Thomas Sidney Cooper.
Benjamin Manning and Sons Butcher Shop

Benjamin  Manning
auctioneer, butcher grocer, Town Councillor, set up the Bodega, Barnstaple's first wine bar, often in hot water, a larger than life character.
H H Munro - Saki
H H Munro
short story writer, novelist, political sketch writer.

                          Golden Lion Inn
A special link to reports and information about events that took place at the February 1880 By-Election, at which members of the Munro, Hibbert (Sarah Hibbert was F R Lee's daughter) and Manning family were almost certainly all present at the same time.

The Golden Lion
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What was so special about Benjamin Manning?

Benjamin Manning had shops in Pilton, and Barnstaple and was the first person to open a wine bar in Barnstaple, the Bodega (where members of the local Liberal party met up with one another.)  He was a three times Town Councillor, a butcher, grocer and auctioneer, achieving all this from humble beginnings. He was a larger than life character, opinionated, quarrelsome, controversial, always in the news, a man who made a big impact on the life of those around him.  We have no doubt that it is for that very reason that his name lives on, through Manning's Pit.

More Modern Times

Grannie Hibbert
Sarah Hibbert
and Col Hugh Hibbert
Sarah was F R Lee's daughter. Her war hero husband, later became Mayor of Barnstaple.
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Brian and John Norman
Brian Norman
The Battle of Manning's Pit
A poem about a battle between
rival gangs of boys in 1946

Henry Williamson and Ida Loetitia Hibbert
Henry Williamson married Ida Loetitia Hibbert, Sarah's grandaughter,
Tarka The Otter
Salar the Salmon
  More details on Timeline,  page about the Williamson connection coming shortly

Manning's Pit by Allan Smith
Allan Smith
Manning's Pit Bridge

Mark Manning - Zodiac Windwarp and the Love

Zodiac Mindwarp
and The Love Reaction
and visual artist recent times

The Magic of Manning's Pit

Martin Kemp
Film Director
His films about Manning's Pit:

The Magic of Manning's Pit
The Battle of Manning's Pit
recited by Brian and John Norman

Manning's Pit Timeline - from J.M.W. Turner to the present day

History is an ongoing process, so if anyone can contribute more information we hope they will contact us.
Please note: this Timeline is a work in progress and may have missing links. It is also very detailed, a simplified for more easy reading will be available as well when ready.